Thomas Rice & Kurt Guzowski


Chefs and Co-Owners, TÊTE Charcuterie

It all started with rillettes of duck confit that premiered TÊTE at Taste of the Nation in 2011. Toasted Sicilian pistachios folded into a emulsion of duck confit, subtly complemented by fresh herbs and brandy-soaked sour cherries: The dish offered a deceivingly simple bite with such depth of flavor that one would be tempted to inquire into its origins with a mouth still full—as did soon-to-be partner Daniel Goodman, who was asking for TÊTE’s (non-existent) address before he could reach for seconds.

It was the kind of dish that co-founding Chefs Thomas Rice and Kurt Guzowski had been longing to make as they struggled to find a creative outlet in Chicago’s culinary landscape. They met cooking side-by-side at Courtright’s Restaurant in 2003—Rice exercising his Michelin-starred French cooking expertise, Guzowski earning his chops—both sharing the ambition to one day break out on their own.

The restaurant partnership recognizes the shared dream of three born-and-raised Chicagoans whose collective core value is to create a compelling dining experience known for creative charcuterie. TÊTE revives the art of charcuterie in the sausage-loving town of Chicago.