Jo-Marie Frigo


Chef & Owner, Nonna Santi's Biscotti

Jo-Marie Frigo, owner of Nonna Santi’s Biscotti, supplies Chicago with traditional, Italian biscotti, based on her Nonna’s recipe from Tuscany.

Working as a decorative painter in some of Chicago’s finest Italian restaurants, she would bring her biscotti in as a treat to share with staff. A trip to Italy and enthusiastic words from restaurant chefs and friends prompted Frigo to take her cookies commercial.

Nonna Santi’s Biscotti can be found at Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush, Dirk’s Fish, and other establishments around the Chicago area.

Along with her traditional anise flavored biscotti, using local butter, other flavors include olive oil-walnut with sea salt, as well as seasonal flavors.

Perfect with coffee, tea, beer, wine or your favorite cocktail. Enjoy!