Hugo Guadarrama


Executive Chef, Knife and Tine

Hugo Guadarrama brings his years of kitchen experience and passion for hospitality to Knife&Tine in Lincoln Park. He is fascinated by food and loves making everything from scratch. He leads his team by giving his crew the freedom to express themselves through their food.

Guadarrama’s passion for hospitality and culinary arts started at the age of eleven working at a restaurant in Chicago, owned by his family. He began his culinary career at Autumn, where he was a line cook for 3 years. When Hugo began working at iNG, he realized his love for molecular gastronomy and quickly became a sous chef. During his tenure at iNG, he was able to work closely with one of his mentors, Homaro Cantu. Homaro taught him to never see a problem as a problem; to never have walls or boundaries. This philosophy has carried over to his cooking and management style.

Before coming on board for the opening of Knife&Tine, Hugo spent some time learning another aspect of his craft as the sous chef for Feast & Imbibe catering, where he was able to work side by side with D’Andre Carter. Now as the executive chef at Knife&Tine, he gets to combine his love for comfort food with fine dining elements, which he says is “twice the fun!”.

When Hugo is not working, he loves to spend time with his daughter and loves the outdoors. He can’t get enough of seeing “nature being nature”. He loves to camp and forage for fresh produce.